Bad news

2008-07-03 01:00:27 by onkyo13

My Family are moving to another country along with me. this friday so I can't make any new flashes yet cause I can't bring my computer there. so my work will have to wait ti'll I have a laptop of my own.....

Sorry guys

The Templars has arrived

2008-06-06 02:32:17 by onkyo13

I was a big fan in blizzard entertainment, because of bill roberts works but its sad that he had to quit.
but the good news is he has a new development called Flagship entertainment, and the best part was new games, and one of them is Hell Gate London. And to my surprise it was the best.

and now I want to make a flash movie base on that game to honor Bill Robert and his CO. workers for there hard work...

The release will be september since I have alot of projects ahead of me...

The Templars has arrived


2008-06-04 22:16:18 by onkyo13

This flash movie is about informing all other members of New grounds about the latest games reviews and preview, Its just like Xplay but the sponsore is a skull (hehehe) but his not the only one sponsoring this movie. more of his friends will be there to, and many strange things will happen on there way.

the release of its intro will be in this june if not it will be release in the first wekk of july...